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Families to Families Returns!

After a brief hiatus, Families to Families is back!! And we couldn’t be happier.

Through our programs, events, and content shared on this blog we hope to accompany and support YOU as you navigate family life at all its different stages! We know what a challenge this can be in the world today and how isolating parenting can be at times. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through Families to Families we’re creating a space for silence, for reflection and for connection - a space that allows you to thrive as a parent, not just survive the day-to-day.

How will we do this? In one word: ACCOMPANIMENT.

At Families to Families we believe in the art of accompaniment. Every offering keeps this ideal at the forefront.

Our small groups provide families in similar life stages an outlet to discuss and learn together.

Our targeted programming - the foundation, focus or specific programs - gives families a sense of mission and vision, helps them establish long-term and short-term goals, and accompanies them in the process.

Our coaching gives families a chance to dig deeper, with a certified coach, to navigate some of the more complicated family issues.

To us, accompaniment is more than just providing support. It’s warmer and more person-centered than that. We guide you and walk with you in this journey!

So... welcome back and stay tuned for all that we have in store!


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