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How To Define Rules in the Family

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how to define the rules in the family. Some families have a lot of rules - 34, 50, too many to count. Other families have no rules at all. While each family is different, some general rules help each member of the family know what is expected of them. Here are some criteria that should be taken into account when defining the rules of your family:

How To Define Rules in the Family:

  1. You can not achieve everything at once, you have to prioritize, first considering what else is affecting the general atmosphere of the house and considering the sensitive period of each child.

  2. Do not seek perfection. You understand that education is a "gradual process" of internalization of values, so you have to go slowly.

  3. You possess authority so that when you give a command it is serious! You do not want your children to tune you out with your constant rain of commands.

  4. You want your children to learn from the consequences of their actions. If there are many rules it is unlikely that they will suffer any consequences or that they can be recognized for an achievement.

  5. It is suggested to convene a family meeting to analyze situations that are generating conflict in family life and negotiate rules to remedy the situation. Children will cooperate and take responsibility if they are included in the problem solving process. Choose for a specified period of time a few rules that are clear and appropriate for the children's age. When an agreement is reached write the rules and post them in a conspicuous place and do not renegotiate until the predetermined period of time has ended.

With this in mind, what rules will you be working on adding or eliminating?

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