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COACHING For Parents

"It's not my mission to make you happy. Instead, it is my job to help you with the issues you care about, and it is possible that happiness will be a natural by-product of any progress we make."  - Robert Biswas-Diener

Parent Coaching

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I feel truly honored and grateful to be partnering with you in your journey towards a more strategic family life. To me, coaching is a process in which I am a strategic partner so that together we can explore goals, barriers, actions, strategies, and plans for moving forward. 


As a coach I am not a mental health provider, but rather someone who can provide perspective, create focus, clarify intentions, motivate, and build accountability.


I relate to and agree with a positive psychology coaching approach in which I serve as both a coach (exploring, supporting, challenging) and a mentor (providing expert advice and consultations).

Read more about my thoughts on the impact and value of coaching.

My Process:

Step 1- Attend a free 30-minute introductory information session.

Here, you'll share what it is you're looking for in a coach and your expectations. I'll explain the nature and potential value of coaching, as well as the nature and limits of confidentiality, financial arrangements, and any other terms of the coaching agreement.


Step 2 - Sign an Agreement Document.

This document ensures we are both clear on the roles, responsibilities and rights of all parties.

Step 3- We Begin with a 60-minute Session!

From the beginning we'll start with a hands-on process to clarify where You, the protagonist, are and where you want to be. 

I follow the ICH Code of Ethics.

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